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“We Leverage Innovative Technologies to Create a More Safe and Secure World”

Emergence Technologies is a SaaS technology company that is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of innovative security and safety products. Our focus is on Health Safety and Personal Emergency Systems. We leverage innovative technologies to create a more safe and secure world for everyone. Our products are powered by voice biometrics, which is a secure and privacy-enabled authentication method that does not require a cloud-based device. This makes our products more affordable and accessible to everyone. With our products, you can feel safe and secure knowing that you have the latest and most innovative security technology on your side.

Personal Emergency Systems

Our affordable, voice activated, speech recognition devices are powered by a patented technology. This innovative technology, design and functionality will be the new standard for home, personal and commercial security around the world. By recognizing the user’s voice and designated trigger commands, Emergence products enable faster, real-time response to emergencies, such as sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, medical crises, fire and other natural disasters with precision accuracy.

Health Safety

We provide a suite of products in two main areas: UV Light Sanitizing and Thermal Body Scanning devices for residential and commercial application.

Our Thermal Body Scanning devices are used to reduce the risk of infectious viruses being spread to employees, customers or event attendees by unsuspecting carriers. This is done by performing a rapid measurement of body temperature to determine if someone wishing to enter a home, business establishment/ office or event location has an elevated body temperature, indicated Potential fever, which is one of the key signs of a virus or other infectious disease.

The Ultaviolet (UV) Sanitizing products were designed to harness UVC wavelength light technology to destroy microorganisms such as coronaviruses.This technology is used for sterilization in hospitals, airplanes and factories.

Since some microorganisms are resistant to chemicals, UVC light provides a far superior means of sterilizing surfaces and areas. Our UVC light products are also more cost effective in the long run than constant chemical usage for sanitization.

Our Mission

To be the most reliable global network for customers and suppliers, that delivers value through products and services. To be a responsible value creator for all our customers.

Our Vision

To create a safer, more secure world through our innovative technology, promote a spirit of caring and concern for others, and be a champion for those who protect and serve the public.

Our Value

We have always been a values-driven organisation. These values continue to direct the growth and business of Emergence Technologies.The four core values underpinning the way we do business are: Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Pioneering

“Focused on the Safety and Security of People ”

We care about the health and safety of people all over the world. Our concern for others motivates everyone at Emergence Technologies LLC to work together to develop innovative ways to make people safer from health threats like deadly viruses and the dangers of personal attacks, fire or health emergencies.