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Health Safety Solutions

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases, it is critical to identify people who are potential carriers of a virus before they interact with healthy individuals.

We offer a suite of thermal body scanning devices for residential and commercial application. These devices are used to reduce the risk of infectious viruses being spread to employees, customers or event attendees by unsuspecting carriers. This is done by performing a rapid measurement of body temperature to determine if someone wishing to enter a home, business establishment / office or event location has an elevated body temperature, indicating apotentially fever, which is one of the key signs of a virus or other infectious disease.

Individual Health Safety

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a worldwide catastrophic health threat that must be dealt with immediately in order to re-establish normal social and economic functioning. Commercial enterprises and institutions large and small as well as government at all levels are scrambling to find ways to remove the threat of the spread of the virus and to protect their employees, customers and citizens. Individual families want effective ways to reduce the risk of the virus from entering their homes and sanitize locations were an infected person might have been present. At this point, the demand for solutions that deal with the risk far exceeds existing supplies. The need to address this problem is urgent.