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"Emergence Technologies provides quick and easy UV-C Light cleaning and temperature scans for businesses, organizations, and schools that want to minimize their risk by proactively protecting the health of customers, employees, and students, as well as the health of their business, during these changing times. Our state-of-the-art cleaning and thermal scanning will help you resume and sustain business in a safe manner."

UV Light Bag

This disinfection product is meant for use in cars, homes, and small office settings. There is an easy to follow three-step process where items take a total of 5 minutes inside the bag until they are fully disinfected. The UV-C light technology is on the lid of the bag. UV-C light devices emit a visible light, and anywhere the UV-C light touches is disinfected with surface exposed disinfection. The bag has an internal battery and is rechargeable through USB.


Key Features of the Cleaning Process

UV light technology kills 99.9% of bacteria within ten seconds.

Enhanced UV cleaning ensures disinfection of your area, comparable to the sanitation of an operating room.

The UV light will clean soft and hard surfaces cutting off preliminary virus growth.

Prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria by destroying the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of bacteria.