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Voice Enabled Security Systems
Deepak Chandran - October 1, 2022
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Voice-enabled security systems are the way of the future. Technology is advancing quickly, offering several benefits that will make your home or business safer. Voice biometric technology is a new, innovative way to protect your home or business.

Security systems are essential for home and business owners. However, many security systems currently in use do not offer the best protection solution. Some of the most common issues with existing approaches include the following:

  • Keypads that are difficult to access in an emergency
  • Panic buttons have to be worn or carried on ones’ person at all times
  • No way to contact emergency services quickly and efficiently
  • No way to provide specific location data or any other data that could be helpful during a crisis

Voice Biometric is a new way to protect you from danger, even if you can't reach your keypad. The user can initiate the emergency or duress alarm 15-20 feet from the device.

Voice biometrics can solve these problems by combining voice identification technology with a 9-1-1 call system. Emergence has created the world’s first patented ingenious security system.

Voice biometrics identifies each user's unique voice, which allows them to initiate an emergency call by saying a phrase or word. Voice-enable security systems also allow users to add specific location information, such as their address or GPS coordinates, and other data that could be helpful during an emergency (such as listening in to the “situation- in progress) or receiving voice aids in the case of medical emergencies while the EMT is in on its way).

Voice biometrics is a new way to secure your home or business. With voice biometric security systems, you can connect your doors and windows with a simple voice command. Instead of carrying around keys or panic buttons, you can use your voice to gain access to your home, office, or business.

And because these systems are so easy to use, it is helpful for people with disabilities who may not be able to access traditional keypads or panic buttons.

With Emergence’s voice-biometric security system, you can:
  • Initiate an emergency call by saying a specific word or phrase
  • Add additional information to the call, including your location and instructions for the dispatcher
  • Receive confirmation from the dispatcher that they have received your message
  • Keypads and push buttons are great, but they can be hard to access in an emergency.

That's why voice biometrics is the way to go.

In short, voice biometric security systems offer peace of mind and give you the freedom to know there will always be help available when you need it most!


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