Thermal Scanner-6

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"Emergence Technologies provides quick and easy UV-C Light cleaning and temperature scans for businesses, organizations, and schools that want to minimize their risk by proactively protecting the health of customers, employees, and students, as well as the health of their business, during these changing times. Our state-of-the-art cleaning and thermal scanning will help you resume and sustain business in a safe manner."

Thermal Scanner-6

This thermal scan device does not have camera capability. This device will scan an individual’s hand for elevated body temperature using a non-contact scanner. An alarm coming from the device will sound in the event that an elevated body temperature is detected. It also has the capability to dispense sanitizing liquid. This device is meant to be mounted on a tripod or to the wall of a business, school, or home. This device is ac-powered. Accessories are extra such as double-sided tape and mounting adapters as well as sanitizing liquids.


How the Scan Works

1. Scan

For optimal results, screen one person at a time, for 3-5 seconds.

2. Measure

Scanner is programmed to detect elevated body temperature (EBT).

3. Act

When a scan indicates an individual with EBT results, the location has the ability to proactively prohibit the individual from entering the location and refer them for further health screening.