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Voice Activated Security

According to the FBI Crime Clock, a murder occurs every 30.5 minutes, a rape every 3.9 minutes, a robbery every 1.7 minutes and aggravated assault every 39 minutes. Additionally, a fire occurs in a US home every 1.5 minutes. In situations where seconds can be critical, availability, ease of notification and speed of communications are the vital determinants of a fast response to an emergency.

Available product solutions on the market fail to address issues such as: Unavailability of a panic button or other means of notification for the person in distress, inaccurate location of the person in distress, dispatching the wrong responder to the scene (sending police when EMT should be sent), the inability to effectively communicate the nature of the emergency (e.g. language barrier). These and other shortcomings compound the level of personal danger.

For colleges, hotels and other institutions, in particular, the incidence of sexual assaults on their premises’ have them struggling to find a better way to protect the people for whom they are responsible.

This highlights a significant need for faster and easier notification and response. New Jersey has recently passed legislation to address this issue in the hospitality industry and other states will soon follow. We will soon be introducing an innovative, affordable, patented technology based products that will create the new standard for personal security around the world.

Emergence products will enable faster, real-time response to emergencies, such as sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, medical crises, fire and other natural disasters with precision accuracy. The stealth characteristics of the system will make it undetectable by any assailant or criminal. The resulting benefits will be a far superior level of personal protection and the saving of human lives.

Real-Time Response

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