Our Team

Our Team


Founder, President & Visionary 15+ year’s experience in the electronics and semi-conductor business. This included new product integration for high-end and start-up technology companies.

Michael Ball

Founder & President

John’s mission is to help good leaders become even more effective in delivering results, and in developing key team members. John spent 27 years at the Vanguard Group helping to improve operations and drive company growth. With a coaching philosophy grounded in the key fundamentals of business and leadership, John's focus will be on realizing the vision, strategy and growth for Emergence Technologies.

John holds a BA degree from Kutztown University and attended the Harvard Business School.

John J. D'Angelo


Sales and Customer Service professional with 25+ years experience in the Insurance Industry. Passionate philanthropist dedicated to giving back to the community.

Lori Ball

Sr. Sales Executive & Charities Coordinator

37 years of executive marketing and business development experience.

Art Swiatkowski


Deepak Chandra, in his role as the Chief Innovation Officer of Emergence, is responsible for the IP creation, manufacturing, building integrative framework and Product management. He has over 25 years of experience in managing and ensuring viable products and portfolio across the board.

Deepak Chandran

Chief Innovation Officer

Technical & Manufacturing


Iris Energy LLC is a design and product development company focusing on commercial solutions involving complex algorithms, advanced electronics, power and communications, Electric vehicles and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Vision.

Iris Energy LLC

Technical Consultant